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Bragging Can Be Difficult, But Critical in a Job Search

Frequently when I’m working with clients to write their resumes or prepare for job interviews, they admit that they’re not comfortable talking about their accomplishments. They were brought up not to brag, so having to sell themselves in the job search process goes against everything in their nature. I completely understand where they’re coming from, […]

How to Answer “Why are you looking for a new job?”

This is one of those job interview questions that will be asked by the savviest of interviewers. Although it’s positively heart-stopping to be on the answering end of this question, if you were the employer, wouldn’t you want to know how this seemingly fabulous person ended up on the job market? It’s similar to finding […]

Job Interview Success Is in The Details – The Handshake

We all know that people form impressions based on the smallest details.  Perhaps when you read this message line you laughed at how improbable it would be to NOT get a job offer because your handshake was too strong or too weak. Well, you’re right, it doesn’t work quite that way.  However, it is one […]