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Listening and Learning: Ted Talks on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Privilege

For those who love podcasts, check out our top diversity and inclusion Ted Talks to listen to right now. Ted Talk: A Blueprint for Diversity in the workplace: How Diversity Makes Teams More Innovative https://www.ted.com/talks/rocio_lorenzo_how_diversity_makes_teams_more_innovative?referrer=playlist-a_blueprint_for_diversity_in_the_workplace Are diverse companies really more innovative? Rocío Lorenzo and her team surveyed 171 companies to find out — and the […]

Tools and Resources to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

We curated this content for our clients because we believe that diversity makes an organization stronger. We are committed to listening and engaging in action and supporting our clients who choose to do the same. We are focused on a more inclusive and justified world and remain dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the […]

Top 10 Hot HR Compliance Topics

Our HR Consulting Division works with companies on new policies and procedures. During this time, companies are adjusting to the “new normal” while the governments are releasing new work policies. Attached is a checklist with of the Top 10 HR Compliance Topics you may download and use to ensure your compliant with the new changes! […]

Temporary Work from Home Policy and Agreement

Our HR Consulting Division works with companies on new policies and procedures. During this time, companies are switching to remote work for the first time. Attached is a draft policy you may download and use as you transition your employees from office or corporate to remote. If you have trouble downloading, please contact any member […]

How to Maintain H/R Files Properly

How to Maintain H/R Files Properly Each employer has its own unique employment record maintenance practices. Employee records can be maintained in paper form, scanned or completed and maintained electronically. No matter what format is used, the maintenance, security and retention requirements are the same. Employers must have at least three different “employee files” on […]

FLSA Exemption Questionnaire- NYS

FLSA Exemption Questionnaire – NYS Note to employers: This questionnaire serves as a basic outline for an employer’s initial analysis of positions being considered for exemption under the FLSA and is meant to serve as one of several tools in such an analysis. Job titles are insufficient to determine exempt status. Additionally, state wage and hour […]

HR Compliance 101

HR Compliance 101 Companies of all sizes face increasing HR complexities as the number of employment laws and regulations are on the rise, and the risk of penalties for non-compliance has never been greater. When developing HR policies and procedures, HR leaders should know, for example, that: An employer must follow employment laws, including applicable […]

Why is HR Vital for Small Businesses?

Why is HR Vital for Small Businesses? For small businesses, the Human Resources function can be helpful for much more than simply processing payroll or handling the annual open enrollment season. Human Resources plays an essential role in developing a company’s strategy as well as handling the employee-centered activities of an organization. Human Resources curbs […]

How to Win the “Networker of the Year” Award

Most people become incredibly anxious at the thought of attending a networking event of any kind, whether it is a Chamber of Commerce event, professional organization or a group of fellow jobseekers. However, the thought of attending a social event or party at a friend’s home doesn’t elicit the same level of tension, though on […]

The ABC’s of Action Verbs to Include on a Resume

Your resume is the first impression a company has of you, action verbs help portray the energy associated with the work you did!         A         achieved acted adapted addressed adjusted administered advertised advised advocated aided allocated analyzed answered appointed appraised approved arbitrated arranged articulated assembled assessed assigned assisted attained audited authored authorized         B […]